Can’t stay silent doing nothing? A lot of things / managements to do?

Site / AppDescription
ToolFinderProductivity tools, reviews, guides, & news
EvernoteStraight-forward note taking app
NotionGreat hierarchical note taking app
TrelloFor Kanban lovers
LessPhoneStop using your phone too much
[android only]
Blloc Ratioan Android home screen designed to turn mindless distraction into mindful productivity.
MegaLooking for Google Drive alternative? This one has a secure encryption
CodaDocs for team. It’s like Notion, but in more linear way. Great for managements.
ClickUpAll in one place for your work.
Slitehelps remote teams share ideas, save knowledge, and work together anytime, any place.

Typing Exercise / Test

Improve / test your typing speed

Screen Recording Tools

Site / AppDescription
scrcpyDisplay and control your Android device
ShareXScreen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

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