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Standard Version

Standard Version

Some notes on automated versioning and changelog generation using standard-version.



  1. Node.js and npm installed

Generate new release

This will create new tag, generate changelog, and commit

npx standard-version

To sync with remote, make sure to push with follow tags

git push --folow-tags origin <YOUR_BRANCH_NAME>

Skip Lifecycle Steps

When generating using standard-version, there’s a flag to configure which lifecycle (bump, changelog, commit, tag) will be skipped.

# to skip commit & tag:
npx standard-version --skip.commit --skip.tag
# to skip changelog:
npx standard-version --skip.changelog


Override version number

We can override version number using --release-as

npx standard-version --release-as minor
# or
npx standard-version --release-as 1.2.3


Accidentally Create wrong release or tag?

This are the commands that can be used to revert the changes

git reset HEAD~1
git tag -d v1.2.3