Software Development


Frameworks - Libraries

Framework / LibraryDescription
BulmaGreat CSS Framework alternative to Bootstrap
SaleorGraphQL-First E-Commerce platform framework
Evergreen UIReact UI Framework by Segment
Chakra UIReact Component Library
Aleph.jsThe React framework in Deno.

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Public API ListsLooking for public API for learning / fun building?
- public-apis
- another one
Public APIsA directory of Free Public & Open REST APIs

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Engineering Practices

Conventional CommitsA specification for adding human and machine readable meaning to commit messages
Conventional CommentsComments that are easy to grok and grep
Node best practicesThe Node.js best practices list
Clean Code JavaScriptClean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript
Clean Code TypeScriptClean Code concepts adapted for TypeScript
Google Engineering Practices DocumentationGeneralized engineering practices
Code Review PracticesHow to do code reviews
Git StackingThe stacking workflow
Stacked Pull Requests

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