Software Development

General Tools

StackBitBuild JAMStack sites just under minutes
ExpoApp Building Toolchain, based on React Native
FramerApp Prototyping Tool
Material Design Color ToolCreate, share, and apply color palettes
AppWriteOpen source backend server
Octopusa lightning-fast visual sitemap builder
GitFoliopersonal website + blog for every github user
CodeFactorAutomated code review for git
Depfuautomated dependency updates
SonarCloudAnalyze your public repo for free
ResponsivelyOpen source modified web browser that helps in responsive web development.
NiniteInstall and Update All Your Programs at Once
BleachBitClean Your System and Free Disk Space

Diagrams, Rough Prototyping

DiagramsMy favorite tool to make flowcharts and diagrams. I recommend to install the desktop version if you have unstable connections.
JamBoarddigital interactive whiteboard developed by Google
Excalidrawhand drawn & feel
Mermaid.liveFlowchart & Diagrams editor

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