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VSCode Extensions

Dracula ThemeMy favorite theme
Material Theme IconsMaterial Design Icons for Visual Studio Code
vscode-iconsanother icons theme for VS Code
PrettierCode formatter using prettier
Bracket Pair Colorizercolorizing matching brackets, customizable. Really useful for code readbility
Indent-RainbowMakes indentation easier to read
Markdown PreviewMarkdown Preview Enhanced ported to vscode
EmojiSenseAdds suggestions and autocomplete for emoji
ES7 React SnippetsSimple extensions for React, Redux and Graphql in JS/TS with ES7 syntax
Ionic SnippetsIonic snippets for VS Code
SvelteSvelte language support for VS Code
SnipSnapCode snippets for React, Gatsby, Next.js, Redux and more
TailwindCSS IntellisenseIntelligent Tailwind CSS tooling for VS Code
Code TimeProvides programming metrics right in Visual Studio Code.
Git GraphView a Git Graph of your repository, and perform Git actions from the graph.
VSCode Conventional CommitsConventional Commits for VSCode.
MDXProvides syntax highlighting and bracket matching for MDX (JSX in Markdown) files.
Auto Rename TagAuto rename paired HTML/XML tag

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